PR stunt or essential must have for any contemporary club? Who cares, we'll enjoy where this is going. Unquestionably the first professional club to do so, Philadelphia Union have put out a public request as they go searching for an 'Official Tattoo Officer'.

Not an obvious way to find your way into football but hey, if it's going and you've got the talent then why not? A questionable position and necessity within the game, but if there's one positive trend that is starting to emerge is that Philadelphia Union are most definitely looking to embrace a less serious side of football. Their recent secondary kit launch 'rap' laid the groundwork and now this has continued the momentum.

So do we believe it? Well, yeah, why not? If this statement is anything to go by, everyone from burger flipper to center forward at the Union is going to be donning full sleeves and knuckled tats before the season has even started.

"Tattoos are a vital part of sport, fan and supporter culture. Just as tattoos are for life, fans choose a club to passionately support for life. As our club grows, players and staff are joining the Union from geographies outside of Philadelphia. Given their love for tattoos and unfamiliarity with their new city, they often look for guidance in seeking a new, local artist."

Some description

"To reflect this love of ink and club, the Philadelphia Union is searching for the first ever Chief Tattoo Officer. This is a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary position for an artist or shop to become the go-to place for the Union. Players, coaches, front office staff and even fans will come to you for their tattoos, Union related or not. Tattoos are for life, just like supporting a club, and we want you doing the work."

“This is an exciting initiative for all of us here at Philadelphia Union as we look to provide a revolutionary service for our players and front office, particularly those new to the area,” said Doug Vosik, Vice President of Marketing. “Our hiring process begins immediately; we are looking for a partner with a wide variety of talents and skills, and someone who can offer a broad range including American traditional, as well as Japanese, realism, new school and more.”

Want in? Head this way.