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Nike Hypervenom 3 Short Film Series

Nike roll out a series of short clips featuring everything from angry goats, to dustbin lorries to international footballers. All coming together in the name of Hypervenom, each clip calls out the new attacking boot where everything is target practice.

Dribbling through stray trash obstacles, getting chased by a goat who can seemingly only be calmed by conceding into his/her top corner, and PSG's Edinson Cavani seeking revenge for some teenage wannabe denting his Audi. It's a playful take on the rough and tumble of street football with the objective of goalscoring running throughout as Nike campaign their new Hypervenom 3 series. Remember, everything is a target, and more importantly goats and binmen are terrible goalkeepers.

More films here. View the complete Nike Hypervenom 3 collection here.


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