A collection that welcomes in Winter 2017 with strong measure, New Era have launched their "Ours is Today" campaign with Manchester United.

Featuring headline players from Romelu Lukaku through to Marcus Rashford, the "Ours is Today" collection features a range of headwear pieces that embody a confident look. The pieces themselves champion a less is more approach and picking up the party with rock solid style, there's a focus on ensuring those in and around the club have the wears needed to strike well worn headwear.

While video explores the collection, the players are front in centre in suiting up. Each one a character of their own kind, it sees Marcus Rashford sport the classic 9FIFTY style hat, Henrikh Mkhitaryan wears the Liquid Chrome Knit, Romelu Lukaku keeps it classy with the 59FIFTY, while Jesse Lingard drops in style with the 9FORTY. Each hat carries finer detailing which include the United crest as well as various other embroidered features such as the date the club were founded.

A change in the season with a strong identity, you can pick up the headwear from New Era and Manchester United today.