Remember last month when FIFA ended their Ballon d'Or collaboration with France Football to launch their own separate annual prize for the world's top performing player? Well now they've revealed the trophy.

Yeah, looks a bit like the Ballon d'Or dunnit? Basically it means there's two gongs up for grabs for the top players. Whereas the Ballon d'Or will be judged solely be a panel of journalists, the voting for the Best FIFA Men's Player is more complex. Fifty per cent of the decision will be based on the votes of captains and coaches from national teams around the globe, with the other 50 per cent to be split between an online public ballot and submissions from a selected group of over 200 media representatives. Got it?

Anyway,the video above shows how they made the new trophy. Pretty chuffed with it aren't they? One FIFA employee seems a little bit too overexcited with it if the 1:02 minute mark is anything to go by... let's hope someone gives it a good clean before it's dished out to, Ronaldo, Messi or Mark Noble.