EA Sports and Konami went head-to-head this week as they both dropped their respective Gamescom trailers for FIFA 18 and Pro Evo 2018. A heavyweight digital dogfight that saw both parties showcase their new features and gameplay footage. Can you split them?

Time to pledge your allegiance. The latest FIFA 18 trailer (above) will feature Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover for the first time ever, after he jumped ship from PES this season. The Konami crew have heavily featured Barcelona on the previous trailers but Neymar's move to PSG results in a Luis Suarez cover for PES 2018, and their trailer (below) boasts some stunning shots of the stadiums, players and boots they've got the rights for. Realistically, there ain't much between them when it comes to graphics these days. It's gameplay where the preference comes in.

PES 2018 have licensed the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund for the latest game, as well as England, Wales, Belgium & Poland when it comes to the international scenes. FIFA 18 will have the lot,as per usual. For anyone that played FIFA 97 on a desktop computer and used the David Ginola cover as a mouse mat, it's difficult not to applaud how far immensely strong both new trailers are. No matter if you're Team FIFA, or Team PES.

FIFA 18 is available Sep 29, while PES 18 comes out a little earlier on Sep 12.