As far as kick-abouts with the old man in the back garden go, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr's takes some beating. The youngster joined his dad in wearing the Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 Chapter 5 boot to hit a few free-kicks before adding the new design to the CR7 boot museum inside Ronaldo's pad.

An ambitious kid trying to replicate his dad by smashing an unlimited supply of footballs at a miniature goal in front of a 4 foot hedge. Yep, the Ronaldo's are the neighbours from hell. They don't even need to knock on the door to ask for it back, the kid's got 400 more where that one came from.  

cr7-house-4-min.jpg cr7-house-2-min.jpg
cr7-house-3-min.jpg cr7-house-8-min.jpg

Back inside and Ronaldo has added his fifth chapter to his Nike boot museum that features a number of his most cherished Mercurial designs that he's worn throughout his career. Signature and general colourways. An arsenal of weaponry for the little man to arm up as those goals get bigger in his back garden.


When you've got a signature Nike silo, a bespoke museum and enough room in your back garden for a football pitch, you can afford to hire Rio Ferdinand and keep him in the garage, bringing him out every fortnight or so, so that neither you or your son has to ever play in goal. Only then, do you truly realise that you've made it.


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