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Reigning Champ 'MLS Champions Pack' Launch

Reigning supreme with style all over and with the MLS Cup in tow, it was the Augen Gallery that played host to a collaboration of champions.

Celebrating the 2015 MLS Cup in which Portland Timbers returned home victorious, this is a meeting of minds and well style celebration has been played out with emphatic taste. From top to bottom, attention to detail and finer appreciation the character of Reigning Champ runs seamlessly through the collection. The MLS need plenty of kudos for bringing it together and equally it could be said, there's no greater team to launch something like this with. The Timbers embracing off the pitch culture like no other, they bring the party wherever they go.

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It's another marker that signals the direction that the MLS is heading. No pre-tense and a bastion for an on point delivery, it's also a win for the joys of collaboration. Breathing fresh thought into football, there's inspiration to be taken all over. From China to Cape Town, the game is blessed with creativity and the 'MLS Champions Pack' is testament to that. I mean, look at those cans.

Photography by Juliet Zulu for SoccerBible.


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