Cristiano Ronaldo puts on a disguise and takes to the pavements of Madrid as a football freestyler in a superb new campaign video for Roc headphones by Monster.

Equipped with a dog, sign and a pot for change CR7, one of the most recognisable sportsmen in the world, put on a wig, sunglasses, body suit and a beard to blend into the crowd in the Spanish capital, probably the only circumstances in which he could actually stroll down a public street without being swamped.

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The Real Madrid Ballon d'Or winner failed to impress the by-passers enough to earn any money in his pot and left empty handed when asking a girl for her phone number but the atmosphere soon changed when he revealed his identity to a young boy who went home with a CR7 signed Nike ball. You mischievous scamp Ronny.

The video was filmed to promote Roc headphones by Monster. Thoughts on the vid? Chuck your comments below.