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Andrea Pirlo | First Training Session at NYCFC

With the next chapter in the illustrious career of one Andrea Pirlo, we can offer a glimpse into Italian king of cool's first day training at NYCFC.

Andrea Pirlo is one of those unquestionable greats. A thinker on and off the pitch, an architect of the game and an inspired influence of the people - a humble character of strength and sheer talent, there's no hiding - we're fans of the Pirlo party.

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Above are a little snippet into his first training session as an NYCFC player. This occasion also gives us a chance to showcase once more, the work ilovedust did with us in mind, celebrating the joining of Pirlo and NYCFC. A fitting tribute to a man who has honed his talents, utter precision.

The photos shot by the ever talented Nathan Congleton, big thanks once more to ilovedust for offering this illustration to the world. Stunning.


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