Italia ’90 was a World Cup that resonates in the mind of English football fans. The game on the verge of a major transition it was watched by millions and is remembered fondly.

It was a tournament remembered for Paul Gascoigne. He captured the heart and imagination of the globe.

Gascoigne returned home to a hero’s welcome and became a superstar of international football. With his irrepressible spirit and extraordinary skills he was for a generation of players and fans the most captivating footballer they had ever seen.

This story, in his own words, explores the journey on and off the pitch. With his personal struggles and contraversies well documented it features Gary Lineker, Jose Mourinho and Wayne Rooney as arguably one of the world's greatest ever players shares his life in film.

Gascoigne is released in theatres on June 8th and will hit Blu-ray and DVD on June 15th.