Arsenal and PUMA have joined forces to create the world's first football designed for left-footed players. The Left-Footed evoPOWER ball was created to increase the accuracy, power and precision of left-footed players to finally offer a level playing field in a game dominated by right footers.

That's right leftys, PUMA have finally found the answer to why your woeful shooting has been battering Row Z for years. Season after season you've been at a disadvantage as footballs have been made specifically for right footed players and now PUMA have fixed that with the launch of a ball that has been created with a grain that benefits left footed players.

Problem solved? A quick look at today's date and all those sliced volleys, scuffed passes and wayward shots are still all your own fault. Good effort though PUMA. Next thing you know they'll be bringing out mis-matching boots.