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Nike Hall of Phenomenal New York & LA

The Nike Hall of Phenomenal opened its doors in the US last week to celebrate Nike innovation and the World Cup.

In another example of just how hard Nike are hitting it this World Cup, the Swoosh recently opened its Hall of Phenomenal doors to the US public with two killer spaces in New York and Los Angeles. The Nike Phenomenal House hit European shores last month where we filmed the opening day of the London space. Since then Nike have showcased their new Flyknit innovation stateside, throwing a huge World Cup parties for the US crowds to enjoy.

Mercurial speed trials were set up where players could test their top speed and Magista control challenges took place for players to lace up in the boots and put their passing and response abilities to the test. Nike also dived into their archives to reach for some of their famous footballing products, from signed R9 Tiempo boots to retro Just Do It clothing. 

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