Lionel Messi Exclusive Interview


SoccerBible was granted an exclusive audience with the world's best footballer Lionel Messi thanks to our friends at adidas! Messi was more than happy to answer questions for his SoccerBible fans, once and for all revealing the truth about...

...whether Messi had a hand in developing the adizero's, why he wore that fixed sole-plate with his previous boots, why he wears the leather versions and of course, his all-time favourite goal...all revealed exclusively to the SoccerBible!

SoccerBible: What were your first impressions of the adizero?

Lionel Messi: I really like them, I like the adizero because of the lightness of them, and also because I was involved in the construction of the boot from the very beginning.

Messi in adizero prototypes

SB: You opt to wear the leather version of the adizero over the synthetic, why is this?

LM: I feel a better first touch with the ball, which is really important to me. The leather gives a much better touch for the ball and I just feel more comfortable in them.


SB: Our fans have been dying to know why you previously wore a fixed sole-plate with the F50i and F50.9's, because it hasn't escaped our attention these new F50's feature a fixed sole-plate?

LM: Yes it's because of a previous injury in the metatarsals, the fixed sole offers more support. I prefer to use it as it gives more support to the foot.



SB: We've also noticed your team-mate Dani Alves has recently been sporting a pair of adizero's, did you suggest the boots to him?

LM: Yes in a way. Dani Alves was a big fan of the boots I wore at the start of the season, because I had been wearing them towards the end of last season when they were being trialled before they were actually released. Daniel Alves liked them and got himself a pair, and since then he has made the switch because he is a big fan!

Dani Alves in blacked-out adizero

SB: What's the best piece of advice you've been given in your career Lionel?

LM: Many years ago when I first started my career Maradona told me "to enjoy and play as you know", and that's stayed with me ever since and is the best advice I've been given.

Messi with mentor Maradona

SB: Do you have any matchday superstitions or pre-match rituals, perhaps if you're playing a big game?

LM: No, I actually have none at all.

SB: You've scored some spectacular goals in your career, do you have a favourite goal?

LM: Yes, the goal against Manchester United in the Champions League final. It may not be the best, but it was very important for the occasion. It's my favourite goal because of what it meant.


SB: If you could sign one player from any team in the world to play with you at Barcelona, who would it be?

LM: Its very tricky to pick one player. Because I've played with some fantastic players through my career, I wouldn't be able to name one name. Also, Barcelona have some great players at the club already.


SB: If you could offer one piece of advice to any young aspiring footballers, what would it be?

LM: I would say the same advice as was given to me by Maradona. I would pass onto any young player to enjoy your football, play your football as you want to play the game, try and enjoy it and make the most of it.

So ended our interview with the best footballer on the planet! Lionel Messi is a footballer motivated and focused on the game he loves, he may not be the biggest celebrity but he makes the headlines for all the right reasons, playing the game he loves, and playing it quite good we might add!