Shifting its focus from all-out speed to helping to reduce injuries, Nike launch the React Infinity Run. Built with 24 percent more React foam and a wider footbed than previous Nike Running models the React Infinity offers a fine-tuned blend of biomechanical efficiency and cushioning.

The React series was predominantly launched as a running shoe, but has become a mainstay in streetwear all while taking on the occasional football club collaboration along the way. Becoming a pre-season go-to for those intense runs and established as a gym ever-present throughout the season, the React has a big presence in football circles, and the latest update brings added comfort and performance.

nike 5-min.jpg

Ensuring that players don't have to choose between cushioning and stability the React Infinity Run differs from the rest of the chasing pack, as it provides both in equal measure. The cushioning comes courtesy of the React foam – first introduced in 2017 – but here it’s used in far more generous quantities, with a midsole that boasts 24 percent more React foam than its predecessors. And this is a foam that will last.

But the quest for comfort does not sacrifice stability: the React Infinity Run simply uses its extra foam to provide a wider and taller platform for the footbed. Combining with the Infinity’s rocker-geometry, which encourages a slight lean forward, moving a runner’s foot strike from heel to midfoot, or even forefoot, creating a natural forward feel of propulsion, the shoe gently guides the foot in a smooth, straight line, reducing side-to-side wobbling and movement, offering an all-round better ride.

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Previous Nike Running shoes with React foam were designed to go 300-350 miles without any noticeable mechanical decompression, but the React Infinity Run has been certified for almost twice that, as it boasts a significantly extended lifespan of 500-600 miles. So no excuses for those gruelling double pre-season sessions, yeah?

The Nike React Infinity Run will be available 3 January for Nike Members and receives a general release on 16 January.

Photography by Hypebeast.