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Predator Precision x Harden Vol.1 Boost By Mbroidered

Get ready to have your hopes raised and then smashed all within a matter of seconds. Yep, this is the Hybrid Predator Precision OG 2000 x Harden Vol. 1. And yep, it’s a creation of custom designer Federico Maccapani, AKA Mbroidered, which sadly means you ain’t getting a pair any time soon.

For his latest fantasy-come-reality creation, Mbroidered has taken the upper of the OG Predator Precision and fused it on to the boost outsole from the Harden Vol. 1 basketball shoe. The result is a sneaker that combines the best kind of vintage vibes from 2000 with an ultra-responsive, energy returning, clean ride from 2016. From court to pitch to pavement. Kind of makes you wish David Beckham had tried his hand at basketball.

Sports cross over has had a huge influence on design over the last twelve months, both in the commercial sense and also in the custom space where designers like Federico thrive. This latest creation is yet another example of the appeal that is served up when the crossover is done right. 

Mbroidered has been pushing the boundaries of design for the the last few years, taking football in a delightful direction that challenges the conventions of the game with his unique aesthetic style. When any new project from him surfaces we’re always interested, and it's not hard to understand why...

Apologies again, you still can't have a pair...

Daniel Jones

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