Ready for another bout of high-end heritage in further celebration of Diadora’s 70th anniversary, HANON launch the Diadora “Pallone d’Oro” sneaker, which pays homage to the players who went on to win the prestigious award while wearing Diadora boots.

The silhouette of the "Pallone d'Oro" is ripped right out of the 80s and 90s football scene – a time when Diadora enjoyed their greatest success, both on and off the pitch. The name “Pallone d’Oro”, which would be more commonly known as Ballon d’Or, is used in acknowledgement of the footballers who wore Diadora and went on to win the prestigious award, namely Marco Van Basten, Roberto Baggio and George Weah.

Diadora 5050 4-min.jpg
Diadora 5050 2-min.jpg

In a further nod to these three outstanding players, the removable insole features their football boot colourways and gold laminate details that highlight the initials and jersey number of each champion – MV9, RB10, and GW9.

Utilising the iconic and recognisable K-leather upper of the 90s football boot, the Diadora “Pallone d’Oro" is handcrafted entirely in Italy, and it’s finished with a premium suede trim on the toe bumper and lower midsection of the shoe. And then there’s that tongue. Unapologetically big and brash, it boasts the Diadora logo in gold along with the ‘Made in Italy’ tag, making it one of the stand out features of the sneaker.

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The Diadora "Pallone d'Oro" launches on 30 November and you will be able to get it here.