New Balance have given the iconic '247' shoe a Celtic makeover. A special edition instalment that brings football and lifestyle together with robust character.

In the shape of the '247', New Balance brought a Celtic inspired colour-up into the equation, showing what can be done without having to go overboard on the fanfare. Subtle touches and pops of gold deliver another example of performance wear adapted for the streets and reworked with a style focus.

Celtic 247 New Balance_0006_DC_Soccerbible_New_Balence_Glasgow_Shot03_1599.jpg
Celtic 247 New Balance portrait_0004_DC_Soccerbible_New_Balence_Glasgow_Shot03_1405.jpg
Celtic 247 New Balance portrait_0016_DC_Soccerbible_New_Balence_Glasgow_Shot01_016.jpg
Celtic 247 New Balance portrait_0000_DC_Soccerbible_New_Balence_Glasgow_Shot03_1703.jpg
Celtic 247 New Balance portrait_0002_DC_Soccerbible_New_Balence_Glasgow_Shot03_1666.jpg
Celtic 247 New Balance_0021_DC_Soccerbible_New_Balence_Glasgow_Shot02_451.jpg
Celtic 247 New Balance_0027_DC_Soccerbible_New_Balence_Glasgow_Shot01_091.jpg

Capturing hooped creativity, the New Balance '24' Celtic special edition sneaker drops with a heavy dose of swag and equally strong scenes. One that will go from pub to party to parkhead to the pitch - it'll travel well home and away.

Pick up a pair of limited edition #CFC247 New Balance Sneakers here.