Dunking court with cage and bringing football vibes to Jumpman wheels, The Shoe Surgeon has once again brought two heavyweight classics together to create a fresh concept. The prestigious Jordan 1 given a Tiempo '94 treatment, it's a dream from two genres with football and basketball colliding.

With his latest creation, The Shoe Surgeon has taken two dynamite icons from the archives of two different sports. The Tiempo '94 is a boot that spans generations. It saw Nike take to the World Cup stage through the likes of Romario and Maldini on a quest to bring the swoosh to soccer. A ruthless leather finish packed with both serious charm and punch, it was (and still is) a boot that resonates with pure beauty.

Shoe Surgeon Tiempo 94 SoccerBible_0002_IMG_1607.jpg

In equally emphatic measure, the Jordan 1 is a shoe that although designed for basketball, has maintained its place on the court while dominating the street scene for countless years. Fronted by Michael Jordan, it's a symbol for a generation.

Crossing games in such a way is not unfamiliar territory for the Nike brand. Bringing Neymar and Jordan together for a special Hypervenom release in 2016 was a heroic move, and through a shared mutual appreciation for one another's sports as well as styles, it burst the scene right open.

Shoe Surgeon Tiempo 94 SoccerBible_0003_IMG_1604.jpg

On the shoe itself, the Tiempo '94 tongue is a stand out feature, on top of a popping black, white and red leather finish. The first and only of its kind and another taste of where The Shoe Surgeon can take the game with future releases.

A mastermind of a movement, this one off pair of shoes follows the awe-inspiring Copa Rose and Mundial Boost, not to mention the Copa Rose LUX. Watch this space for more information on a release date.