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Heinz & Kappa Collaborate For The Ultimate 'Football Foodie' Kit

Championing a staple of the match day experience, Kappa and Heinz have come together to create a special 'Football Foodie' Kit, celebrating Italy's Matchday Paninari – sandwich makers working outside the stadiums.

We’re well into the part of the year when new kits are dropping left, right and centre for the coming campaign, and Kappa and Heinz are turning focus on an often overlooked team: that of the the one working outside the stadiums, feeding the legions of fans week in, week out, all over the country. Following up on the “Stadium heroes” campaign earlier this year that celebrated sandwich makers as real football heroes, “The Heinz Uniform” from Kappa was created as part of a brand awareness campaign in Italy by Dude Milan.

The campaign features a specially designed apron inspired by the traditions of both Heinz and Kappa. The apron symbolises the bond between two iconic worlds—food and football—celebrating the paninari (the sandwich makers) who enhance the matchday experience for countless fans. The apron’s pattern mimics the iconic squeezes of Heinz ketchup on thousands of sandwiches at every match. It includes a white collar, reminiscent of football jerseys, and the number 57, a nod to Heinz's heritage. The Kappa bands on the sides recall the design of their most iconic jerseys, and the apron is embroidered with the logo of the ‘Paninari Foodball Club’. It features highly specialised functional design elements - safety lacing, heatproof, stain resistant - similar to the meticulous details considered when creating athletic apparel.

Heinz 4 Min
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Fiamma Sinibaldi, Marketing Manager Heinz, said: “After paying tribute to the true heroes of the stadiums, who make every match an unforgettable moment, we decided to create the first official jersey for the Paninari: an iconic uniform with technical features specifically designed to enhance the performance of our heroes. In designing this uniform, we could only choose Kappa as our partner: an iconic brand like Heinz, which over time has created the most memorable kits in football history."

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The Heinz x Kappa Aprons likely won't be for sale, so don't get your hopes up, chefs.

Daniel Jones

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