Two underground giants who bring a well worn style to the game, the much famed Hanon Store in Scotland opened up its doors to the much treasured adidas Spezial brand as the latter launched the AW18 collection.

As much of a gallery space as it is a store for those who appreciate a strong wardrobe, the shop was transformed to house the latest collection which pops with colour as it returns back to moments of rave and acid house heritage.

Hanon Spezial Launch_0006_adidas_SPEZIAL_FW18_Drop2_Event_Selects_20-9-18_TAL-12.jpg
hanon spezial portrait_0002_adidas_SPEZIAL_FW18_Drop2_Event_Selects_20-9-18_TAL-3.jpg
hanon spezial portrait_0001_adidas_SPEZIAL_FW18_Drop2_Event_Selects_20-9-18_TAL-11.jpg

Naturally, the undertones that come heavy laden with all things Spezial have strong sentiment. Showcasing the footwear history to date from the collection, it's also one that dropped with a bespoke film and accompanying soundtrack. Produced by 'People, Places and Things', a special edition vinyl track listing was supported by a tactile piece of print to mark the moment. All aspects considered, on show and delivered at this event.

Hanon Spezial Launch_0012_adidas_SPEZIAL_FW18_Drop2_Event_Selects_20-9-18_TAL-4.jpg
Hanon Spezial Launch_0011_adidas_SPEZIAL_FW18_Drop2_Event_Selects_20-9-18_TAL-5.jpg
Hanon Spezial Launch_0002_adidas_SPEZIAL_FW18_Drop2_Event_Selects_20-9-18_TAL-17.jpg
Hanon Spezial Launch_0000_adidas_SPEZIAL_FW18_Drop2_Event_Selects_20-9-18_TAL-19.jpg

The full AW18 Spezial collection is one that drops in with an all round, tailored finish. It's diverse and contemporary and with well timed nods to the adidas archive, it's flown into the wardrobes of a committed connoisseur. You can see the full collection and bespoke filmĀ here.

Photography by Thomas Lindie.