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'DRESSERS': Will Robson Scott x The Rig Out x Weekend Offender

A short film by Will Robson Scott and The Rig Out for Weekend Offender, this brings focus on post-casual culture in the UK. A perfect way to tell the story of an under-current swell among a generation of football fans.

'Dressers' looks at members of Cardiff City's infamous 'Soul Crew' - this short film is a unique insight into football casual culture. Banning orders, trips abroad and the essential style. A fantastic short film brought together by The Rig Out and lifestyle brand, Weekend Offender.

With terrace culture and style ever changing, terraces themselves are becoming few and far between. A game washed in constant trend, football fashion has never been more diverse. The next direction is there for the taking. Are 'Dressers' the next sub-culture to emerge? Let's watch.


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