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Inter Milan Release 'Galaxy' Clothing Collection

Building on their brand, Inter Milan have revealed their latest clothing collection titled the ‘Galaxy Collection’. It sees space graphics combined with the club’s traditional blue and black colours.

Inter Milan has been steadily building its streetwear brand identity through a series of lifestyle collections under the banner ‘Made in Milano’ over the last couple of years. Now, they release the first collection to veer away from that title, taking up the header that inspired its design: the ‘Galaxy’ collection. Yep, it’s a space-led affair this time, presenting graphics inspired by the night sky in the club’s classic Nerazzurri colour scheme, which itself is perfectly mirrored by visions of the sky at night.

The 'Galaxy' collection is made up of a bomber jacket, which features the galaxy graphics on the sleeves with a block black base for the body, a windbreaker jacket, which sees the graphic on the lower third, two contrasting hoodies, one in blue and one black a sweatshirt and a selection of tees and shorts. The collection is then rounded out by a selection of accessories, including hats, socks, bags, mugs and a mousepad.

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