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Napoli Partners With Rapper Geolier On Pair Of Lifestyle Jerseys

After making headlines for his entrance on the green carpet ahead of the 74th Sanremo Music Festival wearing a Napoli tracksuit, rapper Geolier and Napoli have announced a special collaboration, releasing two special edition lifestyle jerseys.

Napoli are no strangers to the odd special edition jersey here and there, but their latest collaboration, with rapper Geolier – one of the biggest names in Neapolitan music – is a first for the club. That’s because, in amongst the Halloween jerseys or Valentine’s Day jerseys, this marks the first time that the club have collaborated with a music artist. Personally designed by Geolier, the collection includes a jersey in two different colours, with one of the artist’s texts on the front and the number 10 on the back that recalls the history of the azure.

Stylised "Geolier" and "Real P Semp" font sits in the traditional sponsor slot on the front of the shirt, while SSCN features on the left chest in place of any branding. The standard Napoli Crest remains on the right chest. On the back of the shirt, the number 10 is chosen, holding special significance to Napoli and the fanbase. Contained within are stylised words in Italian, lyrics from X Caso, a song by the rapper released last year and dedicated to a difficult love (akin to that of a fan and his team) and below are the words "Special Edition" and the logos of Napoli and artist Geolier, signifying the collaboration between the two parties.

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The Napoli x Geolier shirts are available at

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