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Real Valladolid & Kappa Release Sponsor-Less Long Sleeve Versions Shirts

Offering a lifestyle option of their current kit, La Liga 2 side Real Valladolid and technical sponsor Kappa have released special long sleeve versions of the team’s current home and away shirts, stripping away all sponsors to leave the base designs to be admired in all their glory.

Kappa have been smashing it with their shirt designs in the last few seasons, and Real Valladolid were yet another beneficiary of the Italian brand’s sterling work. Sadly though, the designs of both the home and away shirts were hampered by some rather garish sponsors on both the front and the sleeves, which took no prisoners in their appearance and gave no ground when it came to blending seamlessly into the overall aesthetics. It was a shame as the away in particular had the potential to be one of the shirts of the season. Now though, both home and away have been released not only in a clean, sponsor-free version, allowing the designs to be admired in all their glory, but they’re also long sleeved, chucking yet more splendour to the whole visage thanks to the presence of the golden Kappa Omini, taking up its Banda formation to stretch down each arm.

valladolid 5-min.jpg
valladolid 3-min.jpg

The home shirt features a retro design, inspired by the League Cup that the team won on 30 June, 1984. This season marks 40 years since that victory and the tribute to that moment is present in the design of this kit, which features a tidy collar execution and golden embellishments in the branding.

valladolid 4-min.jpg
valladolid 6-min.jpg

The away shirt features a distinctive tonal purple graphic, designed by artist Félix Rodríguez, aka 'Mr. Zé’. As well as that graphic, which spreads across the whole body, front and back, the jersey is also distinctive for its use of a tonal club crest. For us, that balance was ruined by the ‘Estrella Galicia’ sponsor, something that is removed here, allowing an appreciation for the shirt as it should be.

Rivalling Fiorentina as the best dressed purple team? Well, they’re both Kappa, so we know who the real winner is.

valladolid 7-min.jpg
valladolid 8-min.jpg

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Daniel Jones

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