Berlin-based magazine and fashion brand 032c have linked up with Juventus for a limited edition collection that features two reworked versions of the Serie A side’s 23/24 home shirt, alongside some accompanying accessories.

Last year, Juventus linked up with Liberal Youth Ministry for a limited-edition collection, remixing the club’s 2022/23 adidas away shirt. For 23/24 it’s more of the same, with 032c stepping in as the collaborative partner that takes aim at the new 23/24 home shirt, creating two different versions of customisation (short and long sleeve) as well as a cap and a scarf. The collection's flame motif that takes inspiration from 032c archive designs, is a tribute to Juventus supporters.

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The collection has been launched on 25 July 2023 at Terminal 27, a cutting-edge retail concept store located in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. One of the main events of the 2023 US Summer Tour, it featured Federico Gatti, Moise Kean, Paul Pogba and Dušan Vlahović at the local L.A. fashion crowd.

Mike Armstrong Chief Marketing and Communication officer: “Today it’s an exciting moment for us to work with another innovative brand like 032c. Young people today are connecting to sport organizations through content and collaborations. We see sport and fashion continuing to intersect in youth culture and Juventus as consistent and an originator in working with innovators in the fashion world”.

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