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Killa Villa Team Up With EA Sports For Festive 'Naughty Or Nice' Collection

Serving up a festive treat that covers both sides of Santa’s list, football culture mavericks Killa Villa have teamed up with EA Sports to produce ‘Naughty or Nice’ kits that are available both in FIFA 23 and in real life.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so the song goes at least. Yes, it’s Christmas, and while we may have lost focus on that just a little bit, what with a World Cup going on and all, the creative talent at Killa Villa have brought it all back for us with their latest partnership with EA Sports for FIFA 23. As well as riffing on Saint Nic's famous list, the 'Naughty or Nice' collection represents different playing styles and traits, so the naughty side of things is for the big personalities, your Neymar’s and Pogba’s; you know, the big ego players, while nice is reserved for the players that are universally liked and appreciated – think Messi, R9, De Bruyne and Kante.

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It’s not just kits in FIFA 23 either; there are stadium items too, with tifos and other background items that can be unlocked in game when you achieve certain milestones. And while the kits are already available in-game in FIFA 23, they’ve also been produced for real, and they’re accompanied by a full collection, including a reversible scarf that features the naughty graphics on one side and the nice on the other. They’ve even got stockings – all bases well and truly covered!

But enough from us, we'll let the good words of Killa Villa explain better than we ever could...

While The World Cup is on and Christmas is near

“Will Santa forget me” is always the fear. 

But we’re Killa Villa and we’ve got your back,

and the gift we’re delivering requires no sack.

We bring you two kits and they’ll arrive in the game,

What’s the difference you say, well let us explain… 

killa villa 5-min.jpg
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For the tricksters among us, Naughty’s your kit 

With flair in abundance and the aim to outwit.

It’s the big personalities, with the skills for days

Your opponents are dumbstruck, and spectators amazed.


If this isn’t for you, then  ‘Nice’ is your thing, 

Worn by players renowned for the joy that they bring. 


From dazzling crowds, and making them happy 

And dreaming one day they’ll play like Mbappe.

killa villa 7-min.jpg
killa villa 11-min.jpg

Naughty or Nice? It Depends what you choose, 

but truth be told you really can’t lose. 

You see, though different by name, the outcomes the same,  

putting smiles on faces and winning the game.

And when someone asks which shirt are you rocking,  

just open the box and look In your stocking.

Merry Christmas to all, but remember the name,

EA SPORTS, it’s in the game…

killa villa 8-min.jpg
killa villa 9-min.jpg

The Naughty or Nice collection is available now at

Daniel Jones

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