Taking inspiration from the recent on-pitch success that has seen the club crowned Champions of Europe, Nike and Chelsea launch the ‘Pride of London’ collection, which features a new prematch shirt for the Blues.

As they head off to the United Arab Emirates for the Club World Cup following their Champions League success last season, Chelsea and Nike unveil the new ‘Pride of London’ clothing collection. It sees a gold lion replacing the club’s traditional badge for the first time to create a clean, contemporary look across the whole range, which is made up of a water-resistant coach jacket, classic navy hoody, crew sweatshirt, a tee, some travel pants and a new pre match shirt.

chelsea 4-min.jpg
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The collection sees a dark navy colour as the base throughout, offering a smart base for the gold to flash on. The pre-match shirt stands out, featuring a tonal blue stripe with gold details on the previously mentioned crest, sponsor and branding, and it will be worn by both the men’s and women’s teams for the remainder of the season, including this weekend’s FA Cup fixture against Plymouth.

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