London Skateboard brand Palace once again dips its toe into the footballing world, this time within its vast summer 21 collection, which features several football-inspired items, colourfully presented for the warmer months at the beach.

The extensive Palace Summer 21 collection has taken inspiration from a myriad of cultural melting pots this season, ranging from Queen’s iconic anthem “Bohemian Rhapsody” to the world of Kawaii, trashy LA ’90s tattoos, and, of course, football, continuing the brand’s relationship with the sport that started back in 2019 with their groundbreaking collaboration with Juventus.

Continuing its sporty focus that the brand have been renowned for in recent years, the Palace Summer 21 collection features a number of football-inspired pieces, most notably in three colourful jersey designs. The first sees a blue base with a central stripe design and white embellishments, the overall feel of which would not be out of place on the streets of Naples. Then there’s the pink diamond and chevron graphic that overlays the white base on the second design, finished off with purple pops on the collar and cuff. And lastly there’s the orange chequered design of the third. All three feature a Japanese anime-influence, notable by the presence of a particular bunny character on the back.

They sit alongside drill and track top silhouettes that nod to a 90s influence, while the wider collection is packed full of further cultural nods, all wrapped up in bright and bold colourings.

palace 19-min.jpg
palace 20-min.jpg
palace 21-min.jpg
palace 22-min.jpg

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