Oktoberfest and all the traditions that go along with it this year may well have been cancelled for the first time since World War II this year, but Participation Trophy Studio have ploughed on ahead regardless, producing a special Bayern Munich ‘Oktoberfest’ Mash up jersey in honour of the world’s most famous beer festival.

Oktoberfest is an annual Bavarian holiday honouring of the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen in October 1810. Today it is a two week celebration that attracts approximately 6 million visitors from across the globe to the local breweries. Oktoberfest 2020 would have taken place from 19 September to 4 October this year,  but because Covid-19 is not prejudice in anyway, spoiling any and everyone’s fun, it was cancelled for safety precautions. But Participation Trophy Studio have brought us all a bit of the feel of the festival in the form of a special mash-up Bayern shirt so that we might all still celebrate in our own contained, safe way.

Trophy Room Studio Oktoberfest portrait_0006_1E7A9566.jpg
Trophy Room Studio Oktoberfest portrait_0002_1E7A9627.jpg

As a celebration of their Bavarian roots, it’s an annual tradition for FC Bayern Munich to bring their full squad to a local brewery to celebrate and enjoy a litre of beer. Players on the squad from all different backgrounds embrace the tradition and dress in local Bavarian clothing known as lederhosen. Now that’s the kind of club traditions that we can get behind. The “Oktoberfest” mashup jersey design from Participation Trophy Studio is inspired by this traditional Bavarian attire, and it features seven different upcycled Bayern Munich jerseys (ranging from 2008-2019) to create a handmade 1 of 1 piece. And that shirt is now available via a raffle, which closes on 11 October.

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Head to participationtrophystudio.com to get your raffle tickets, available for $5 per ticket (unlimited entries permitted).