Levi’s, official partner of Liverpool football club, have decided to celebrate the club’s Premier League title win in their own unique style, creating three bespoke trucker jackets in collaboration with three of the team’s players and street artist Akse.

The three exclusive trucker jackets are inspired by season-defining moments and memories from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Andy Roberston, and Divock Origi, and they feature pieces of the actual goal net from the Kop end integrated into the design. Each of the three Levi’s® x LFC trucker jackets carry a bespoke design representing highlight moments chosen by three members of the first-team squad, and the designs were hand-painted by the street-artist behind the famous Jurgen Klopp and Trent Alexander Arnold murals in Merseyside, Akse. 

akse liverpool levis_0011_LEVISXLFC_GROUP-C_002-1-1-KEY-IMAGE-copy.jpg

Fans able to win one of the truckers by entering a prize draw. Each jacket will be delivered to the winners with a certificate of authenticity and will be gift-wrapped in part of the Kop End goal-net, making them a truly money-can’t-buy memento for an unforgettable season.

We were able to sit down with Akse to get an insight into the process behind the design. Speaking about the project, he said: “The designs are a celebration of an incredible season in a way that only Levi’s® and the spirit of the players could bring to life. Each trucker jacket doesn’t just remember one moment from the season, they commemorate the character the players, club and supporters.

akse liverpool levis_0007_LEVISXLFC_JACKET-1-C_003.jpg

"For Divock, his highlight from the season was the two goals he scored against Everton at Anfield in the 5-2 win. You can see clouds on his trucker, that’s inspired by his control and almost pulling the ball out from the sky before his finish. You can also see 6’ and 31’ – the minutes he scored the goals in. On the call, Andy (Robertson) called Origi the ‘man for the big occasions’ so felt that important to include. 

akse liverpool levis_0003_LEVISXLFC_JACKET-2-C_006-copy.jpg

"For Alex, he picked a team moment, the victory against Manchester United at Anfield. He talked about how much of a team effort it’s been to win the league so just having the word ‘Team’ was a nod to that. Alex also talked about how they won that match in the ‘Liverpool way’ and they have a distinctive and entertaining style so I thought the fans would like that. Robbo then mentioned that it was after that match the fans started to truly believe so I added ‘And now you’re gonna believe us.’ After than win Liverpool’s record was Played 31, won 30, one draw. Very impressive so felt like another nice element to include."

akse liverpool levis_0001_LEVISXLFC_JACKET-3-C_007.jpg

"Then for Andy, firstly the Scottish thistle. He’s a proud Scotsman and LFC have a rich history of Scottish icons running through the club so Andy will no doubt be happy to see the national emblem of Scotland on there. Mentality Giants is marking the players talking about the strong mentality needed to win a league and their mental toughness is a huge part of the team’s character. And the ‘35 x 90’ is a tribute to his highlight from the season – the 2-1 win at Aston Villa in which he scored the equaliser and Mane scored the winning goal in stoppage time…the 35th time Liverpool have scored a winner in the 90th+ minute. 

"And then finally on all three jackets you can see a piece of the Anfield net from the Kop end glued on so the winners of each jacket will truly be wearing a piece of LFC history. Likewise, I’ve included ‘YNWA’ representing the iconic LFC anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ and Campiones because, well, I don’t think LFC fans will ever get bored of seeing or hearing that."

Akse Liverpool Levis_0006_A285_C016_071462_001.R3D.18_15_17_15.Still001.jpg Akse Liverpool Levis_0007_A285_C015_0714B5_001.R3D.18_07_18_24.Still003.jpg Akse Liverpool Levis_0005_A285_C022_0714XN_001.R3D.18_25_03_15.Still003.jpg akse liverpool levis_0009_LEVISXLFC_BOX_014.V2.jpg

All proceeds raised from the draw for the Levi’s® x Liverpool Football Club trucker jackets will go to LFC’s official charity, LFC Foundation, to help fund the Red Neighbours community pantries in Liverpool through its COVID-19 recovery response work. To enter, visit:https://www.levi.com/GB/en_GB/features/levisxlfc