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Kitboys Club Merge Atlanta Utd 2018 Home & Away Kits

Taking the idea of custom wears to totally tailored places, Kitboys.Club have brought the home and away kits of Atlanta Utd together to create something both bold and bespoke.

Mixing two shirts together could have got lost in the taboo world of 'half and half scarves' though this reconstruction of the 2018 inaugural home and away kits for Atlanta Utd take things to an appreciated level thanks to the execution as well as the delivery. The shirts are not simply sliced in half and stitched together, instead, the various panels have been taken out and repositioned so that from the shoulders to the sleeves, each of these shirts is an entirely progressive proposition. 


Custom garms and the ability to make something your own is a steady theme for the off pitch scene right now and while we're seeing so much of it, this instalment changes the way the waves are moving. Going beyond any custom elements, it is food for thought that reworks the way a football shirt can look. Paired with strong styling and a sharp set of shots, these guys have picked out a winner.

Here's where you can see more about the Kitboys.Club.


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