Offering a glimpse into the next collaborative collection from the joint forces of PUMA and BAPE, the two brands have released a selection of images that showcase what is next in store for this lively link up of ferocious flair.

Sticking a fork right in the mix and adding a healthy dollop of free-thinking style, the teaming up of these two brands looks to land in colourful waters. No more sharks but plenty of bite. Punching energy all over, the collection looks to rework the iconic PUMA Ignite as well as tackle a football shirt that comes washed in a Bathing Ape Camo. A creative game running to the core, it's a meeting of minds for those that dink a penalty 100% of the time. Cultured swag.

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Well worn with relentless maverick tones, Mario Balotelli fronts the collection. A man who likes the louder life, a firework in the world of football ― this collection talks through its threads.

An exclusive collection that looks to be only released in Japan, it will hit BAPE stores from May 28th. Go on Balo.