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Fresh SS15 Releases from F.C.R.B.

As we head on into those brighter months of summer, the emergence of fresh collections becomes ever present.

Ever the fan of imaginary football team-come brand, F.C. Real Bristol, pioneered by Hirofumi Kiyonaga (the man behind SOPHNET) and created back in 2009, April sees the launch of the 2015 Spring/Summer range.

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With heavy focus on the innovation, the fresh pieces from F.C.R.B take the latest clothing developments from Nike and blend them in beautifully with the on point eye of fashion designer Kiyonaga. A well executed approach, the latest collection is diverse -  featuring a selection of smart camouflage laden dri-knit jackets, a mixture of tees along with shorts to match.

You can see the full collection and purchase the latest from F.C.R.B. via the online store here.


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