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Trent Alexander-Arnold On Joining adidas & Wearing The Predator

Coming back to the brand that he wore as a youth, Trent Alexander-Arnold announced his return to adidas with a bang recently, slotting home the equaliser against Manchester City in the next generation Predator, and we caught up with the Liverpool man to find out more about the switch.

It feels like something of a defining season for Trent Alexander-Arnold; as well as adapting to the new hybrid role created at the end of last season and increasing his creative influence over Liverpool’s latest title challenge, he’s now made the switch to adidas, closing his chapter with Under Armour to become one of the faces of the Predator franchise alongside fellow Englishman, Jude Bellingham. And Trent and the Predator already look like a match made in heaven… the control and accuracy features of the silo serving to perfectly accentuate the defender-come-midfielder’s existing attributes.

And what a way to announce yourself not only as the latest signing for adidas, but as a Predator player; drilling the ball into the bottom corner from just inside the area to steal a point from a ground that has so far proved fruitless for all other visitors. It was also done in a special boot… a boot that was produced for the occasion and the player, those red accents on that white base acting as a perfect nod to his club colours. Oh, and then there’s that returning tongue, getting fans across the world salivating for the next generation drop.

There’s a lot to unpack from the whole situation, and we snatched a bit of time from his busy schedule to talk all about his switch to adidas, and why he’s chosen the Predator…

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[Putting on the Predator felt] different to putting on any other boot – it felt like there was this responsibility to go and do it justice."

Nice and broad but let’s talk about joining adidas. What does that mean to you?

It’s exciting. Really, really exciting. I’ve always felt like I’ve had a history and relationship with the brand, so it was something that I was excited to do and to be a part of. I’m really excited to get up and running with them.

Ignore contracts, money, all that - why them above others? What makes them the right fit for you?

I think at this point in my career we both want to achieve the same things. It felt like the right time. The project that they presented was the perfect fit for what I wanted from my career at this point, so it was the perfect time to make the change.

You wore Predators as an academy player. To go full circle and be back in them must feel good. Can you talk us through slipping into them as a kid, did you feel like the don?

It was different to putting on any other boot – put any other boot on and that’s just how it felt, whereas putting on a Predator… it felt like there was this responsibility to go and do the boot justice, and that always helped to motivate me and make me play better. It’s special every time I put them on.

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The tongue. You played and experienced a bit of that - it was a big feature wasn’t it?

The tongue was probably one of the biggest things that set the Predator apart from anything else; it was so different and so iconic that it just added another layer to the boot that felt more special than anything else. I liked to wear it quite long, as far down as I could get it really, and I reckon I’ll do the same again now.

How does it feel to see elements like that back?

It’s good. Obviously seeing the new boot compared to the ones that I wore growing up, there’s a lot of differences, but they’re still the iconic shape, with the tongue and the all-round design being similar, given a modern twist, which it needs because it wouldn’t be suitable to wear a 2005 boot now.

The modern update makes sense and brings it into today’s game.

Feels like a good moment for the brand, on and off the pitch, moving in aspirational places. What are your ambitions when it comes to being part of the brand?

It’s an exciting time for the brand and for myself. As I said, with the whole project in general it just felt like it was the perfect time for me to join. I’m excited with the things that are going to happen on the pitch as well as off.

Would you like to go on a journey and be hands on creative with them?

If that’s a possibility it’s definitely something I’d be open to. I like to think I’m a creative thinker, someone who likes to dive into that kind of things, so if the opportunity does arise then I’ll be the first to take it.

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The tongue was probably one of the biggest things that set the Predator apart from anything else; it was so different and so iconic that it just added another layer to the boot."

Do you see yourself as someone who can help shape on and off pitch culture? Say the way football and fashion mix?

Definitely. There’s space for people to express themselves and it’s great to see it more and more these days, especially in football. The foundations have been set and there’s a platform for us to go and express ourselves, and show the world the type of people we are.

You turning up to training in vintage Liverpool adidas is something we all need to see…

Oh yeah, that sounds good to me! It’s definitely something I’d be open to.

The brand has deep roots in Liverpool. Your work in the community is something the world has seen. Does your head go to places and you start to think how you can work with the brand on community based initiatives?

Yeah, absolutely. There’s a lot of things that we can do and I’m sure we’ll speak about that in the future. I know the brand are really helpful with that and they do a lot of work around the whole world to make it a better place and have an impact. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, any impact has a huge effect on people. Hopefully we can make the world a better place by all pushing in the same direction.

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Trent Alexander-Arnold wears the adidas Predator 30, which you can pick up at

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