To stand out in a team full of world class superstars takes something extra special, but ask any Manchester City fan this season to pick out a player who epitomises the talent, work rate and intensity of Pep Guardiola's squad and the name Bernardo Silva will be mentioned. As the midfielder looks to cap off the season with a domestic treble we sat down with him for a catch up.

On the back of a relentless charge towards the Premier League title after 14 straight wins to pip Liverpool to the trophy, Silva and his City side face Watford in the FA Cup final on Saturday hoping to become the first club to win all three major English titles in one season. For Silva, it's been a season to remember with influential displays and big game moments throughout.

Bernardo, congratulations on another league title. What were the celebrations like in the changing room after the Brighton game?

They were fantastic. To win the second Premier League title in a row meant so much to us. This season was so intense, so long and difficult because we were head-to-head with such a strong side like Liverpool for the whole time. To come back from that gap of almost ten points in December was amazing, so it was great to celebrate it with everyone on the final game, and now it’s time to focus on the FA Cup Final.

You were singing Oasis songs with Noel Gallagher. Was that a bit surreal?

It was so much fun! We know that Noel is a massive City fan and whenever we win he always comes to celebrate with us. He’s such an important person, not just for us but English music and Manchester in general so to be singing his songs with him after winning the Premier League title was special.

There’s a funny video circulating of the players receiving a City ‘Stick of Rock’ each from Brighton. You all looked a bit confused…

Yeah, I’ll be honest, I thought it was a candle! I was actually doing an interview when everyone was receiving theirs but when I came back in there was lot of confused faces!

Last season you won the Premier League title with 5 games to spare. Is it more rewarding when you win it in more dramatic circumstances like on the final game of the season?

It was more emotional this season because the season was so much more tense because Liverpool were fantastic. Of course, last season was special because we broke all the records in terms of points and goals scored, but to win it on the last game this season after being so far behind in December, and to win it by only one point was unbelievable.

Did you ever feel pressure in those final ten games when Liverpool just kept winning?

Oh, of course. You definitely feel the pressure; I think everyone did. It’s a good thing that you feel the pressure, if you didn't feel it then you’re not normal. When you see that Liverpool win you just have to accept it and concentrate on your job, keep playing the same way and trust your ability as a team. We won 14 games in a row and that shows how strong this team is.

Most of the time Liverpool played before you. Did you watch their games?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Those are games that we cannot control, so if you get frustrated because they won it can wear you down and feels like you’re playing more games than you are if you get so involved. It’s much easier if you can stay relaxed and accept that you have to win your own games. Of course, it would have been nice if they dropped points, but they didn’t, and we had to stay focused.

You had to win your final 14 games to win the league. Does that show how much mental strength this group of players has?

Yeah, I think so. To get 100 points last season and then retain the title by continuing to play at the same intensity is just a great achievement. It shows that even after a great season that this team still has the hunger to want more and to always be ambitious to win more titles. I think that mindset is what makes a top team, and hopefully next season we will keep it that way and try and go for even more success.

How would you describe the confidence that Guardiola gives this squad? How high are his standards?

He has a huge amount of trust in us and he knows that we trust him too. We like the way that we play so when that happens it becomes easier. When you have a manager like Pep it shows, and he’s always pushing us harder to get better every day.

Guardiola has said that you were the best player in the Premier League this season. What does it mean to you when you hear him say that?

I don’t know about that! What I know is that I’m very happy with the season that I’ve had so far, and I want to keep improving. I want to be better next season and I think I can be. I’m happy, I’m a Premier League champion for two consecutive years! 2 League Cups and a Community Shield with an FA Cup Final to come, it’s been a dream so far.

Guardiola is often described as a perfectionist. Would you agree with that?

Yes, yes, yes. No doubts about that. He’s never satisfied and that’s a good thing. Even if we win by five or six goals, he always thinks that we can do better and he’s always trying to find ways to improve and that’s what makes him such an amazing manager. To be that demanding but also to create such a positive team spirit is a skill.


You have the Nations League in June but then you finally have some time off. How will you spend it?

I’ll enjoy it with my family and friends and begin to prepare well for next season. I need some rest; it’s been a long season and it’s so important to chill out and begin to look ahead to new objectives for the new season.

It’ll be nice to get some sun. When you arrived at Manchester Airport to sign for City you were wearing pink beach shorts and it was a grim day. Bet you haven’t had much chance to wear them here…

No, never! I haven't worn them once! When I was moving to Manchester, I knew it would be cold but I thought in July and August it would be nice. I came straight from Ibiza and immediately realised I was wrong!

Before you get that holiday you’ve got the FA Cup final. A chance to be the first team to win all three English titles in one season. What would it mean to do that?

It would mean a lot to win the four titles. I say four because of the Community Shield too. If we do it it’ll be the first time a team has achieved that and that’s what this team is all about; we want to do big things, things that other teams have never done before. We want to make history.

Everything feels possible with this City team. Is that a feeling you and the players share?

Absolutely. We want to do even better next season and we want to win the Champions League, that’s not something we’re trying to hide. It’s a target for us. This team is so hungry, you saw last season after winning the league the next task was to reach 100 points. When you have a team this young, we all want to be relentless.

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