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Isco Talks To SoccerBible After Signing Contract With adidas

After he officially signed for adidas earlier this week we sat down with Real Madrid's four-time Champions League winning midfielder Isco at the club's 'Ciudad Real Madrid' training ground. New deal wrapped up, Isco chatted to SoccerBible about his relationship with the brand, his footballing childhood and his dogs, obviously.

Isco, we've all grown up watching football. What kind of fan were you when you were a child?

I was very passionate. On a match day, especially if it was an important one, I used to go to the stadium very early, hours before kick off to watch the atmosphere build up and the players arrive and get ready. I was always feeling very nervous but excited.

What was the best advice you received about playing football?

The best advice I ever had was to have fun while playing, and I’ve followed that during all my career. It's simple, but it's so important. It's the advice that I would pass on to other, to have fun and be humble.

Do you see yourself playing a mentoring role for the younger ones?

I love to have a positive influence on the young kids. I like to be seen a role model to them and I like to see them progress and enjoy the game.

Were there any players who acted as role models to you in your early days?

When I arrived at Málaga CF, Jesús Gámez took me under his wing and he was super helpful to me. He had played with my brother before, so he was there for me since day one. It was great to have someone that made you feel comfortable.


Do you still have any traits in your game that you picked up as a kid? 

I spent uncountable hours playing football in the street with my friends when I was a kid. That helps you to learn some moves and develop some skills they usually don’t teach you in an academy or a football club i.e. the way I control the ball and other technical gestures I can use now. It was all about improvisation.

How does your life change when you sign up for a club like Real Madrid?

You feel so much more responsibility, but at the same time you feel lucky because you have the chance of learn from the best players. As soon as you start winning, you got used to that feeling so quickly, which increases your desire to keep winning all the time.

What can you tell us about the city? Is it the ideal place to live as a footballer?

Madrid is a huge city, it's spectacular. You can find everything here, and during the last six years I’ve been treated like I’m at home here. On the other hand, there are plenty of traffic jams here. I would say that, after Málaga, Madrid is the second-best city to live in.

You've joined the adidas family, can you tell us why it's a good choice for you?

My first steps in professional football were wearing adidas boots, so I have always had a soft spot for the brand. When I had the opportunity to come back, it was a no brainer to me.


Can you tell us something about your personal life? What do you like to do beyond football?

Playing video games on my Playstation, watching TV series and movies, listening to music. I'm a normal guy. I used to play a lot of padel and table tennis when I was in Malaga too.

Tell us about your dogs. They play a big part in your life don't they?

I’ve always been a huge dog lover. Now I’ve got four dogs. One is a Newfoundland dog, which is one of the biggest dogs there are, two of them are adopted and the other one is a French Bulldog who is very funny. They are very supportive and always make you happy. I love being with them and I would say they are one of my biggest passions

Let's go back to football to end on a random one. Which stadium would you like to play at which you haven't already?

Stamford Bridge.

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