On a night when PUMA launched their latest "Power Up" football boot collection in London, there was one man in attendance who has been knocking around and knocking in goals with the brand since 2011. That man is Sergio Agüero. Eight years of prolific Premier League precision, the Argentine sits down with SoccerBible as Manchester City's all-time leading goalscorer. No wonder he looks so happy.

From scoring the most dramatic goal in the history of Manchester City Football Club to spearheading the most successful era in the blue half of the city, what more can you say about Sergio Agüero that hasn't been said already? With that in mind we'll let the man talk for himself...


Sergio, you signed for Manchester City in 2011. How have you changed in that time?

Other than my hair?! I think I have developed a lot since then. When I arrived I just kept scoring and the club have had so much confidence in me. I’ve become the leading goalscorer in the club’s history and I'm happy. I actually signed with PUMA at the same time as I signed for City, and that relationship has grown too. I like familiarity.

How was the club changed in that time?

The club has changed a lot in that time. We have become one of the leading clubs in the world that all of the best players will always be interested in playing for. Not just players but staff also, Manchester City is so powerful now. Perhaps when I signed we were still at the start of our upward rise.

When you signed in 2011, did you still think you would be at the club now, in 2019?

Yeah, I did. It was never a short term move for me, I always think long term. Sometimes it can be the club’s decision but I’ve always been happy here, I’ve scored lots of goals, I’m still here and I'm still happy!

How has Guardiola taken the club to the next level?

Guardiola is all about intensity and attitude. He’s a winner. Every single training session he wants you to be 100% focused on what you are doing and that makes sure that you play each game with maximum effort and focus.


You’ve had some big moments wearing PUMA. Most importantly that goal against QPR. Have you still got the boots you scored that goal in?

Yeah I kept them, they were a similar colour to my City shirt and had like a lace-cover on them. They’re in my house in Madrid. I’ve actually kept quite a lot of my old boots that I’ve worn in important games. One day it will be fun to look back at them at think about the memories.

How many times have you watched that goal back?

Umm, well sometimes… well, a lot, to be honest. But right now my son Benji seems to watch it every day! He is always on YouTube watching it. When I scored that goal he was only three years old so he doesn’t remember it, but recently he’s taken a real interest in it and keeps watching it! He celebrates in the house and copies my celebration!

Now that he’s a little bit older (9) has he started to form his own opinions on your game? Does he tell you if you’ve played well or badly?

Benjamin has started to understand and more recently he’s always asking me questions. For example the other week against Crystal Palace he was asking me why I didn’t play and I had to explain to him that it’s the manager’s decision. He sometimes asks me why I didn’t shoot or why I didn’t pass, but it’s nice that he’s interested, he really likes football now.

For that goal against QPR you could have gone down and you would have got a penalty. Did that cross your mind?

I remember thinking I could have had a penalty but the kick was light so I decided to keep going and try to get a shot at goal and luckily for me it was the right decision. There would have been some pressure on that penalty taker if I did go down, right!?

David Silva has assisted more of your goals than any other Manchester City player. Can you tell us about him and why you work so well together?

David Silva is one of the most important players in the history of Manchester City. He was one of the first star players to arrive at the club in this current era and he’s a big reason why I have had so much success here. He helped me off the pitch when I arrived, and on the pitch he is a genius. Sometimes you just click with a teammate and you know where he is going to be and when he is going to give you the ball. For David, I think he’s like that with all strikers, he just knows when and where they want the ball.

And he’s signed for PUMA too now. Did he ask you about the brand before he signed?

Yeah, he did. He asked me about the boots and what it’s like to work with them. I only have great things to say about PUMA, honestly, I know you’d expect me to say that but it’s so true. I’ve been with other brands before but PUMA is perfect for me. Yes, I’ve been successful wearing the boots but it’s much more than that for me; it’s about the people at the brand and how they work with me. It’s a great relationship and it’s great to have a player like David Silva with us too.


Your new PUMA boots are bold. Guardiola comes from a generation when everyone wore black boots. What does he think of the colourful designs?

Sometimes he’ll walk into the changing rooms and point at somebody and ask what those are, like joking around, but he is used to it now. Maybe 5 years ago it would be different but pretty much everyone is wearing bright boots now.

You’re Manchester City’s leading goalscorer of all time. How much does that mean to you?

I’m very proud of that, but it’s not like I can stop now, I want to keep going. I want to score more and help this club make more history by winning more trophies. There are more goals to come, I hope!

City have reached a level now where they can afford to rest you. Is that frustrating for you? Sitting out when you can see a good opportunity to add to your record?

Any striker will tell you they want to play every game but I recognise that we want to win every trophy, every competition, so sometimes you need to rest. I think it shows how far we have come, we have such an amazing squad now that we can rest players and still score five goals, seven goals, or even nine goals in a game. To be honest I couldn’t play against Burton Albion at home because I was sick, but in the games around that fixture I have scored, so keeping fresh for ‘bigger’ games as you call them is sometimes wise.

You’ve never been one to pull off outrageous skills. You’re more direct when you’re in and round the box. Why is that?

I think I’m just focused when I get into scoring positions. When I’m inside the box I know where the goal is so I’m looking to move the ball and pick the part of the goal where I can score. I’ve never really been about skills and tricks, I like movement and timing and I just pick the most efficient way to get my shot at goal. I love watching my teammates do them though; Jesus, Leroy Sane and Riyad Mahrez have lots of tricks.

You spent a lot of time in the USA last year. What do you like about it?

Yeah, I was in LA. I know a lot of people there and it’s just a great place to spend time and the weather is really good. I love Miami too, it’s another one of my favourite places to visit on holiday.

Can you see yourself playing there one day?

I don’t know… maybe. There are worse places to live…

You’ve been in England a long time now. Other than the Etihad do you have a favourite stadium to play at?

Arsenal. I’ve always enjoyed playing there.

Cheers Sergio. Any excuse to re-watch this...

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