Having recently introduced himself to the scene with his new single ‘Wayside Story’, featuring Kida Kudz, 21-year-old North London-born singer-songwriter and rapper Wauve takes us through his choices as he mixes big sounds for his match day playlist.

"This is my playlist of songs which together best describe what represents the Wauve sound today. These are a mix of key, checkpoint songs in my life and songs I listened to which helped me in the run up to creating my current wave of music which begins with my new song “Wayside Story”.

Scene - J HUS

"It’s gritty, and that’s what I need to be humble myself and compete in this city. This game ain’t all about glitz, glamour and being flashy. "Scene” keeps my mind in the trenches and it’s a BIG workout tune. It also weirdly reminds me of the days I used to play football. Anyone who’s played Sunday league or semi-pro in England knows, it ain’t pretty."

Dark Vader - J HUS

"I can play this one anytime and I just get my swagger back. Just the way this one comes in is too boasy! If I was a footballer I’d play this pre and post every game. It’s one of them ones you have to rap along to every lyric. Big up Jae 5 on that beat as well. Too cold."

God’s Plan - Drake

"Growing up I lived 30 seconds walk from Arsenal’s Highbury stadium pretty much my whole life so even though we never really had the money to go to games, or to have the sports TV channels, I’d always know when someone scored because I could hear and see the fans roaring from the window of my bedroom. I get that same inspirational feeling when listening to this track right here, to the feeling I had knowing I was growing up next to some of the world’s greatest players’ stomping ground. It’s a big reminder that your dreams are closer than you think."

Voices - Saosin

"I heard this song by accident, on a COD MW2 montage on Youtube (big ups to all the gamers out there). This song was a huge part of my growth as a producer/artist. It made me realise an amazing song is an amazing song, no matter what genre, or where in the world it came from. My ears are now more open because of it."

Tru - Lloyd

"Perfect example of a childhood legend making a successful come back after what some would call him “falling off”. He did it his career justice. I observe things that people do well and take note for when I’m ever in that position, no matter how far away in life it may seem. I’m all about longevity and legacy so I gotta learn from others."

The Sequence - Bryson Tiller

"I’m all about studying players at the top of their game. When I used to play football, it was Yaya Toure of Man City. He was my favourite player because he played the same position as me and his footballing brain was out of this world. When I became an artist, I just took that same approach over with me to the music world, So Bryson Tiller was an artist I could say I studied, specifically his trap-soul album. This song is a prime example of just pure skill with the pen. Bravo, take a bow son!"

Running Up Da Bandz - Kid Red feat. Soulja Boy & Rich The Kid

"One of the most underrated artists in my opinion. My first football match I went to was around the time I was listening to Soulja Boy hard. It was Arsenal vs Man City in the then named Carling Cup with my dad on a frosty winters night. Remember it like it was yesterday. Aguero scored late on and it ended 0-1. Watching two teams I connected with for different reasons have it out against each other was an unforgettable teenage memory. And Soulja boy’s music is something that remind me of that time."

Gonna Love Me - Teyana Taylor

"In my opinion music is a sport, like football. And in both sports you can’t be in “go" mode all the time. This track helps me when I’m cooling off. Helps me relax and for balancing my energies on weekends."

Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1 - Kanye West

"Honestly I would've put the whole of Kanye's album (TLOP) as my playlist if I could. But this is a personal favourite because it just forces me to be grateful. Which is something that is easy to lose sight of when you’re on a constant quest for more, and better. This one keeps me grounded. I also have a sick memory of Metro Boomin dropping this at Wireless 2016 and everyone going mental."

Same Girl - R Kelly & Usher

"These were the kings of storytelling through music. And I feel I do the same thing in my songs. Maybe not as clear and obvious as they did, but I definitely have underlying stories/meanings to most of my songs. Whether I’m telling my story or somebody else's. Even in my dance music, there's always a second layer I try to cleverly put in there. It wouldn’t be a Wauve song without it."

Wayside by Wauve is out now. You can see the video for the track below. Follow his journey on Instagram here.