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Adam Lallana Talks To SoccerBible On His Return From Injury

After missing out on the 2018 World Cup with England Adam Lallana is back in the mix and on the hunt for silverware in a confident and expansive Liverpool side. Taking time out from launching the new PUMA Stun Pack the Reds' midfielder was in reflective mood as he talked us through his comeback trail.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has always made his admiration for Lallana clear, and the feeling is clearly mutual as Lallana discusses his relationship with the Anfield boss, the return to first team football, and how he plays with as much freedom as he gives his barber...


Adam, are you using the frustration of your injury to fuel your comeback?

Yeah, my last start was on New Year’s Day so it’s been a long and frustrating time, but you use that time to focus on different things in life like my family. It is frustrating to not be able to do what you’re paid to do when you are injured, especially when you have so many set backs, but hopefully now I can stay fit.

How would you describe the opportunity of being back in the mix?

It’s great to be back, but it’s also going to be difficult. The quality within the Liverpool squad now means it’s always going to be hard to get game time but it is a squad game and I just hope I can contribute in some way. It’s a great place to be at the moment, working under this manager.

Would you say your outlook and mentality has changed since you’ve been out?

I think so, yeah. Whenever you’re out injured for a long period of time it tests your mentality, but I think it also prepares you for life after football because the career isn’t a long one. I’m 30 years old now and most people play until they’re 34/35, so being injured for that long does help you prepare for that day and makes you start to think about what you’ll do when you can no longer play. 

Being injured for a long time definitely toughens you up. The older you get you begin to have different views on life and being injured adds to that. When you’re injured there are times when you don’t even feel like watching games on TV at home. That’s not to say I didn’t miss playing, because all you want to do it get back on the pitch.


So, ultimately it’s about using the experience to look forward?

Yeah definitely. Whatever set backs you have in life, whether that’s in your job or socially or however, I think you’ve got to use it and learn from it. I know that I’ll take everything that I’ve experienced in the last 18 months and use it to make wiser decisions going forward.

Who has helped you get through your injury?

There are a lot of people who you talk to when you’re injured. You can’t point the finger of blame at anybody because injuries are part and parcel of football. I’ve been injured before and I’m sure I’ll be injured again at some point, the same as every player. You need good people around you who aren’t negative and don’t bring you down, you need positivity and I get that support from my family, friends, teammates and manager.

Do you feel like you’re well positioned to pass on advice to other players now?

It’s difficult to give advice to people when you know that they’re suffering and they’re in a tough place. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for example is a good friend of mine and he’s going to be missing the majority of this season – his injury was far bigger than mine too. There are small pieces of advice you can pass on but the most important thing is to consistently be positive around them and keep their spirits up.

Let’s talk about Liverpool. Have you grown attached to the city yet?

Yeah I have. Liverpool Football Club has such a huge fanbase that it’s difficult to go anywhere without anyone noticing you, but the fans are always very supportive because they’re crazy about their football.

You’re a Southern lad. Have you adjusted to life up north yet?

I’ve lived up here for 4 or 5 years now and I’ve got two young boys at school up here and they’re starting to develop northern accents too which is funny. My eldest will come back from school and some of the stuff he says will sound proper Scouse which makes me laugh. My family down south notice it more when we go back down there! But we all love it up here, we’re really enjoying it. I think I'll probably move back down south when I finish playing though, as I do love living by the sea, but right now we’re all really happy.


Let's talk haircuts, obviously. Where did the inspiration for the summer mohawk come from?

I was just bored to be honest! My wife thinks I’m having a mid-life crisis… but I’ve always done different things with my hair, I’ll give anything a go. I’ll sometime just tell my barber to surprise me and I just go with it. With the mohawk, it was the summer and I wasn’t playing and I was bored basically! Now it’s the winter so I think I’ll just keep it normal for a bit. I’ve got rid of the long hair now, it was too high maintenance so I’d never go long again. It was that thick that it hurt when it was in a bun, it would get in my face when I was playing so I’m done with that. My wife is happy now that it’s short, so that’s all good.

Where do you look when you’re styling yourself when it comes to fashion?

I’m relatively into my fashion, it comes and goes I suppose. Sometimes I’m quite lazy and will wear joggers and stuff, and then sometimes I fancy giving it a bit of a go.

You were back in the England fold recently. Was that a confidence boost?

It was going alright until I got injured in my first day of training! That was a nightmare, but the manager has been great with me and I’ve been in communication with him all through the summer. I know that when I’m back fit I still have something to offer to England and I feel like I can make them better. It’s been frustrating to be injured but it was great following them in the summer and seeing them do so well at the World Cup.

You're a PUMA man. How much do you look forward to a new boot drop?

Yeah, always. I’m really liking the new silver design, and the ones that are coming out in January look cool as well. I’ve been solo repping PUMA for a while in the Liverpool dressing room but a few more of the lads are jumping on board now so I’ve got some company. I’ve been with PUMA for a long time now and that says a lot about how much I enjoy wearing the boots. The comfort is so next level that sometimes I haven’t even had to wear the laces.


Would you like to collaborate with PUMA and create a signature pair of boots one day?

Why not!? Yeah. I think the design would be more slick than crazy, they’d have to be white too, I love white boots.

What's it like to be part of a Liverpool squad with so many big names and so much talent?

Yeah, it’s incredible. I think we’ve got a brilliant chance of winning silverware. I’ve had a lot of nearly moments in my Liverpool career so far – I’ve lost in the Europa League Final and the Champions League Final – so I want to go that one step further. I definitely feel like we’ve got the quality in the dressing room in terms of players and management to do that.

Do you still get that intense feeling every time you step out at Anfield?

Yeah, definitely. I made my first appearance in a while the other day and I was so nervous before the game. When you’re playing regularly and you get as bit of rhythm it’s different, but I’d kind of forgotten about that feeling. It’s good to use that nervousness as a source of energy, and that was a good reminder to know that I still enjoy what I do.

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Photography by Hannah Cassidy for SoccerBible.


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