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In Conversation | Russian Musician Siuzanna Varnina

A creative force with a strong sound, Siuzanna Varnina is a singer who leads the line as part of the contemporary generation in Russia. We spoke to her as the World Cup touched down in Moscow. 

For someone who may never have heard your music, how would you describe it?

"I think that my music almost sounds the way I look. It’s a mixture of a lot of different cultures. I have Polish blood, Russian, Jewish, Ethiopian blood and a mixture of influences. So I’d say it’s pretty exotic."

Football and music share the ability to bring people together. Do you like that you can do that through your music?

"Yeah, I love that fact that music can unite people. We’re all humans and we should share things like music. As time goes by and technology changes, people may not share their emotions as they once did. I want my music to make people share how they are feeling and use it to express themselves too."

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You’re someone with a lot of confidence in your style, is it important to present yourself in this way as a role model for women in Russia?

"Being self-confident and being a strong woman who can face any difficulties and face herself first, yeah, that’s how I would like to position myself. That’s something I want to show to the next generation. In Russia, historically, it’s something that was in common for women all over; to have a lack of self-expression and individualism. That is something I would love to change. People should be individuals and we should celebrate that."

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Have you been able to see the effect your music has had on people? Do you think you’re able to help make that change?

"When people come to me and say that my music has helped them in someway and helped them overcome difficult situations in life such as depression, I always feel so happy. This is my mission, this is why I do it. This is why I’ve wanted to do what I am doing, all of my life. It’s a privilege to be in this position because music is something that can not only express emotion but it can inspire others and make them feel something."

Who are your creative inspirations?

"I say that I’m inspired by animals and nature because I love watching how animals behave. It’s always very organic and natural. They have nothing to hide, no rules or restrictions. Secondly, I’d say it’s the people who are creating something new, the people who are innovating. I’m inspired by the stories of people who have made sacrifices in order to create something new. Sometimes people have to sacrifice their fame in order to try something new - they may not be accepted by the audience or mass public at first. An example for me is Patti Smith. She’s a strong influence for me. She captures everything for me."

If people are coming to Russia or Moscow specifically, what’s the one thing they should do, or the place they should go?

"To drink vodka and to eat Borsch. Either Russian Borsch or Ukranian Borsch with cream - it will be good. Also, visit some opera or ballet - something classical."

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Pairing a Team Russia polo shirt with Balenciaga skirt - stadium to street, club to party. The World Cup has officially landed.


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