Neil Etheridge is an experienced keeper with a strong look. A stand out contemporary player knocking on the Premier League door, he is bringing style and substance together as well as championing the art of goalkeeping. Bringing us up to speed with the latest TUTO innovation we talk about life between the sticks and the fresh 'Secutor' glove.

Neil, what’s it been like to link up with a brand like Tuto?

"It’s been a great journey, I started working with the guys at TUTO before the first glove launched in the market at the end of 2015. They’ve always had a clear idea and vision for what they wanted to deliver. TUTO focus a lot on the performance detail of the glove and listen when it comes to feedback and it’s helped deliver real innovation that you can see in the Secutor."

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What separates them from others in your opinion?

"Developing gloves. It starts with a conversation with the product team looking to improve the function of my current glove. It makes all the difference exploring details and concepts that you know you’ve been able to test, design and re design. It’s that level of detail and insight that comes from building something in partnership with TUTO that gets results. Also, TUTO have focused on creating content on social media that inspires keepers. We’ve done several videos focused on training tips and drills. I’ve also shared some insight on my back story and experiences. Keepers are no different to every other outfield player in that respect. Everyone wants to learn and improve their game and if I can help, then it’s great to be associated with it."

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Do you think there’s been a lack of focus on the position for goalkeepers where product evolution is concerned?

"Of course, boots launch more frequently, but I sense there’s a change in the goal keeping industry. The idea that gloves act as a second skin and mimic the natural movement of the hand is not new but the way gloves are being made has changed a lot over the last 6 to 12
months. It’s no longer about getting gloves to just match up with boot colours. Which is great for keepers!"

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Going into these gloves specifically, what are the details that grabbed you most when you first saw them?

"I’ve always sought a close-fitting glove. Something that improved handling without any distractions. I’ve never wanted to wear anything that didn’t compliment or fit my hands. I used to get asked all the time, where I got my gloves from because they were tailored specifically for me hands and they looked vacuumed on! Over 2 years ago that was the starting point with TUTO and they’ve done some cool stuff with materials and construction that didn’t exist anywhere. The fit’s unreal, its like nothing I’ve worn previously but it’s my kind of glove."

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Can you tell us what they feel like for you once you’ve got them on?

"The fit on the Secutor is as different as night and day. It’s stripped back without sacrificing comfort. Any thing that I’ve called out as not needed or requires revising in a conventional glove has been addressed. There’s no distractions. What’s most surprising is the elasticity and the way the glove responds when your handling the ball. It feels agile and responsive without feeling like your fingers are exposed or vulnerable. For me, gloves go in the warm up and they stay on. You don’t want to make any revisions or amendments once they are on. It’s game time and they must be good to go."

The TUTO Secutor will launch on the 7th May. Head here for more info.