Just riding around on his horses, picking up trophies and scoring last minute winners. Sergio Ramos is a man that has stayed true to his roots, and a player that has won the lot. Taking time out on the set of his new film to support his signature Nike Tiempo 7, the Real Madrid and Spain captain sat down with SoccerBible.

Sergio, firstly can you talk us through your new signature boots? Tell us a little bit about the inspiration...

After so many years playing football there’s a boot that expresses the way I feel, who I am, they tell my story. It is a dream come true. I was very involved into the design and every element here is personal. I would like to thank Nike for all the love and trust placed in me. We have been walking hand in hand for a number of years now, so this project has taken on a special meaning.

The boots are called CORAZÓN Y SANGRE (Heart and Blood). What do you think of the name?

“CORAZÓN Y SANGRE – this two words are important to me. Heart is about my commitment to what I do.  And blood is what’s in your DNA, what you have inside to become the best.  These two words express beautifully how I feel and define who Sergio Ramos is”."


You’re the captain of your country and club. How would you describe your leadership style? 

I believe leadership is something we all have inside, and it’s different for different people. I always liked to  have that role and to lead the group.  This is something you learn over time from veterans and as you grow older you have to step up and take more responsibilities.  You have to to be the one showing the way and show the example before demanding something from other people. That’s what leadership is for me

When you wake up every morning, is your mentality to push yourself and always improve? The same as when you were a young player...

It is. I always say and I emphasize that on every interview that I am still that kid with the same excitement and always wanting to win and wanting to improve I got here to Madrid I was 19 years old and I don’t get tired of winning so just need to reset  yourself year after year to forget about your achievements to try to be better day after day.

What does it take to remain a Real Madrid / Spain player for so long? Do you see yourself as a symbol of the winning mentality of your teams?

Well I try to be true to that mentality. 3 words inside the boots “hunger, character, passion” – define it perfectly for me. Don’t forget where you come from, be humble, and work hard, believe in yourself and try to get your dream.


There are so many nods to Spain on this boot. What does this mean for you?

Fortunately football is so big so we are very privileged because we can represent our country, our I’ve always been very proud of my land: Sevilla, Andalucía, Spain and I happy to see it expressed in the boots with two flags. Every time I tie them I remember Andalucía’s flag and Spanish flag.

Horses are a strong passion of yours which is represented in the logo. Tell us about it...

It is my passion and it’s a bit of art. I loved horses since I was a kid and they provided many happy moments over the years.

Your job is high pressure. How would you describe the importance and support from your family?

They were key for my success, especially when I made a decision to move to Madrid.  Moving to the best club in the world is always a risk – you can get lost very easily.  My family protected me, I always had my brother and sister, my parents. They made me feel strong and I never felt alone and could just enjoy football. I owe my people a lot.


You made your Spain debut in 2005, you were the youngest player to play for Spain in 60 years. What did that moment mean to you? Talk us through the debut...

I played in Salamanca it was my debut against China. I was very young Luis Aragonés was a coach. And the challenge I had! Because I knew Michel Salgado was there and he was in the starting eleven both for Real Madrid and National team, so it was not going to be easy. I remember Luis Aragonés came to me and talked to me and said: “kid, don’t worry, I’m going to protect you, play the way you are playing in Seville and I’m sure you’ll make it”. Turned out he was right. I have a tremendous memory of my debut.

The World Cup is not far away now. What are your thoughts on Spain’s draw, in a group with Portugal, Morocco and Iran?

Of course we have Portugal – European champions and they are one of the strongest teams. But we’re taking all our opponents seriously. Iran and Morocco deserve respect, they desereved their place in the tournament so we have to take them seriously, like any team in the tournament. In the World Cup anyone can eliminate you, small teams can surprise you. 

How crucial is it to set the tone with a positive result in that first game against Portugal, and how important is it that you control the threat of your Real teammate Cristiano?

It is very important to start the both possible way. Cristiano is the player who makes difference but it is not only about him, they are a good team. We want to start the World Cup by winning the first game so we can face the next one with plenty of  confidence.


How high is confidence at the moment, given that the team qualified impressively and are unbeaten in 16 games since the Euros?

As I see it, we have done very well in the qualifying stages. A good team has been formed, with new players contributing greatly, as well as those of us who have been there longer.  The feeling we get and the work we have been doing are good, and that shows in our game and the results. We will be giving it our all in Russia - we know we are capable of anything and we are confident, but  at the same time, we also know that the World Cup is hard and it has it’s challenges.

You play one of the favourites, Germany, in a friendly next March. A game where you could win your 150th cap. How proud does that make you?

To tell you the truth, when I look back, it seems incredible. Sometimes these numbers don’t seem to say much, but what is behind them is a great deal of work, sacrifice and memories. I am very proud to have been given the chance to play 150 games in the Spanish squad. I think one of the keys is to remain excited. My excitement remains intact, just like it was on the day of my debut. I hope I can get to 150, then 200, etc.

You go into the 2018 World Cup still very much in your prime as a player. Do you think that in four years you could also play in Qatar, a fifth World Cup?

There’s a long road ahead, it’s hard to tell what might happen, and doubtlessly it is a challenge, but this forms part of any professional player’s career. As I said, excitement is key, and mine remains intact. I enjoy training, playing, and competing, backing my team - Real Madrid - and the Spanish national squad. I am convinced that this excitement and joy are the keys to continue to overcome challenges.


Real have had the strange experience of finishing second in their Champions League group. Is that a concern at all ahead of final 16 round in February?

Obviously we would have liked to have qualified among the first in the group, and the defeat in London was hard.  But the qualifying rounds are in February is what’s importnat, and we will be there. The Champions League is the most demanding and prestigious of competitions, and any rival would have been a hard one. We got PSG, which is a great team with amazing players and a hunger for securing European cups, although I don’t think they are entirely at ease with the results of the draw. It will be a very hard qualifying round, but we are Real Madrid, and as always, we will defend our title and give it our all.

Five English teams have qualified for the last 16. What do you make of the resurgence of the Premier League sides in Europe?

I agree that it is noteworthy that five teams from the same country qualify for the round of sixteen, but this performance by the English teams seems more logical than that of previous years; it doesn’t surprise me. They are five great teams, all with very different styles. They are all favourites to win.

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