Talking style and substance with a man who takes pride in the way he prepares his boots, we sat down with Manchester United's Jesse Lingard as adidas launched the NEMEZIZ in London.

Jesse, you've come a long way in the past few seasons. From being loaned out in the championship to now. How quickly has that time gone?

“Yeah, I kind of look back now and see every experience that I’ve gone through has been a viable one. I’ve picked up different things at different clubs which ultimately helped me to find my way back to Manchester United. I think the memories are some of the most important things to have, you make new friends over the years, meet new people which is always good and I hope I’ve given back to those people who have given me opportunities over the years. Hopefully some people can look up to me now as well.”

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You must remember David Beckham doing adidas Predator boot launches growing up as a kid?

“The Predator was always the main one and Becks is obviously the face of that and it was good to see new boots coming out and it’s great to get involved in this [adidas Nemeziz Launch], hopefully things continue this way and things keep getting better.”

Did you always look out for how certain players would wear their boots when you were growing up? Mentioned Beckham but his style on feet was so iconic - do you remember almost studying how you want your look to be on pitch?

“Yeah exactly. The way he wore them with the tongue so far down and the customised detail he’s put on there. I was always looking at stuff like that, I think also with that you want to feel comfortable on the pitch and how you look on the pitch is part of that.”

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Who were those players you were looking at as a kid, were there some players who stood out with their on pitch style?

“I used to watch the Brazilian Ronaldo a lot. But for me, I always like to wear my laces I would a pair of trainers. I always take the laces out of the top hole and I wear them a little looser. That’s something that is important for me - the boot has to feel comfortable look good. For the Community Shield I had the laces around the bottom of my boots. Old school, I brought that back. Laces don’t come that long anymore! [laughs].”

Copa Mundial kind of style - did you ever used to wear boots like that or are they not so much your choice?

“No not so much, when I was younger I was wearing Nike boots mainly because we’d be given them at United but also Ronaldo wore Vapors so I would wear them a lot.”

Can you remember your first pair and who bought them for you?

“When you’re at United from a young age, they provide you with boots and there was a rule that we all had to wear the same colour boot aswell so since then until I was old enough and allowed to choose, I wore what I was given.”

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You’ve explained how you like to put the laces on your boot, that’s part of the pre-match ritual. The NEMEZIZ boot has that element at it’s core. The way this boot is taped around your foot like a boxer would prepare for a fight - does that work well with the way you prepare ahead of a match?

“Yeah kind of. I’m real OCD sometimes and I like to have things organised and prepared before a game. It’s important to feel the right kind of vibe in the dressing room and see how you feel on the day but that time before you step out is so important.”

What’s it like getting involved in something like this launch? You as a kid would have loved to do this, I’m sure…

“Yeah, I mean you grow up and see a lot of good players who are leading all this kind of stuff and so to be part of it now and represent a top brand like adidas, it’s obviously a special thing to be a part of.”

It’s a bit different to say even 10 years ago - there’s so much style involved in football now. Would you say the game is in a particularly cool place right now?

“Yeah I think so. I think it’s only going to get better as well. Everything that is involved in football now and things like the mixture with the music industry and different culture it’s only going to be a good thing for the new generation coming through.”

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When you think of trends that are born in the changing room, players obviously have a large influence. Stuff like cutting socks or customising boots, people watching the game may start doing these things too - have you seen people doing anything that might catch on next?

“I mean kids in particular look up to the modern day professional so it’s completely understandable. A lot of players cut their socks now and in a way it’s nice to know that kids look up to what is happening on the pitch. When I got the boots for the Community Shield, I cut the tongue on the boots I was in and wrapped the laces around the boot. I just thought that was pretty good look and it was comfortable too. Maybe that will catch back on.”

The NEMEZIZ boot is particularly nuts. It’s completely fresh - what was the reaction like from others when you put them on in training for the first time?

“Yeah it was great. It’s a really comfortable boot which is obviously the most important thing but the colours of it and stuff - I love how different it is. I think every player should get excited the first time they see or wear a new pair of boots. It’s like a guy taking his tools to work, they’re our tools that we need and take great pride in.”

What do the coaches and older management think of them? Can you see Mourinho in a pair?

“[Laughs] Obviously the bright coloured boots get a lot of attention but it’s all good and I love getting a new pair. I definitely couldn’t see the boss wearing them. He’s more of a Porsche Design kind of boot man. Still very good taste.”

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You're off on pre-season soon but what will you be doing before then?

“I’ve been in Dubai this past week and come back to be part of this event and then it’s straight into international duty but then past that from the 14th June to the 8th July, I’ve got time to relax and enjoy some more rest and downtime. People say football is easy but the intensity of training and fixtures week in week out, it’s good to make the most of the close season and enjoy those days off. This is our downtime and chance to get prepared for the new season.”

It’s been relentless for you guys this season, it must feel good to finish up with the Silverware you have and that elusive Champions League spot?

“Yeah, it’s end things on a high and we can go an enjoy our holidays with memories of a trophy collected which feels good.”

And when you go on pre-season tours are you always taken aback on just how big of a global brand Manchester United are?

“It’s a great experience. I’ve obviously seen the size of the club when I’ve been on tour before like China last year as an example but it always shows you just how big the club is and how great the support is. It’s great to get out to places like that and show the support for them as they show the support for us. The fan base really is massive and it’s always great to see.”

You're going back to America this summer for pre season. Is that somewhere you like visiting?

“LA will be good but going to China was incredible too. It’s good for all of the lads to get together in a different setting and especially for the younger players to get that experience is really good.”

Last question. It's a big one. Who's the better dancer.... You or pogba?

“Haha, it is a big question. I don’t know who is but we obviously vibe off each other in the changing room and things are good. We get on well.”

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