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From The Mag: Florencia Galarza

When Florencia Galarza's football career was cut short at a young age she found alternative routes to influencing the game. From hosting the Copa America and Women's World Cup on Kick TV to DJ-ing for Kanye West and Jay-Z, Flo has immersed herself in the heartbeat of football in NYC.

Shooting exclusively for SoccerBible Magazine Issue 4 Flo raided her footballing archives to showcase her love of 90's football culture and the beautifully crazy world of replica that came with it. Her dreams of playing for the US Women's National Team may have been cruelly shattered but Flo focused her competitive determination on new adventures which lead her move to New York, attend the Fashion Institute of Technology and contribute to NYC and enter the game from a new angle.

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Having travelled the word as a DJ, unlocking creative culture at each stop Flo landed the role as DJ for the US Soccer Federation, controlling the decks on the side of the pitch for the USWNT's last game before the World Cup and the USMNT's game against Brazil.

Born in Argentina Flo knows a thing or two about passionate football, the Argentinean's are amongst the most passionate in the world, grown men will cry tears of joys if they win late corner, even if they're trailing by a couple of goals. That may be a slight exaggeration but Flo speaks to us about that eccentric passion in South America and how the performance of the nation can fuel positive energy.

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From the influence of the 2014 World Cup on New York City to the ever-growing interest in MLS and the Premier League Flo typifies the cultured cool of the buzzing football scene in NYC, tearing it up all the while on the field by captaining KITH Bowery.

And those kits? Flo struggles to identify a favourite. "I have far too many to narrow it down to one. My personal style never really evolved past 1998 so pretty much all replica, equipment and even haircuts from back then are still my favourite." Hard to argue with that.

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Read the full feature with Florencia Galarza in Issue 4 here.


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