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Residence #68 | 'Stadio Giuseppe Sinigaglia' Como 1907

You can’t beat a picturesque stadium, and they don’t get much better than Stadio Giuseppe Sinigaglia, home of Como 1907, which sits right on the shore of Lake Como. An absolute must for Residence, our series that brings you right into the heart of stadiums around the world.

Quaint isn’t a word often associated with the modern day colosseums of this world that are football stadiums, but it certainly feels applicable when it comes to Stadio Giuseppe Sinigaglia, home to Serie B side Como 1907. Named after the Italian rower and war hero Giuseppe Sinigaglia, a native of Como, the stadium was built in 1926-27 at the behest of none other than dictator and former Primer Minister of Italy, Benito Mussolini.

como 40-min.jpg

Located right on the shores of Lake Como on the western edge of Como’s city centre and boasting some beautiful backdrops, visible over the stands, the stadium has a current official capacity of 8,028, although that has fluctuated over the years. During Como’s last Serie A season capacity was 18,000, but that got reduced to 13,600.

Located a breezy 15 minute walk from the city centre, the stadium was originally oval-shaped and included a cycling track around the pitch. It remained largely unchanged until 1990 when the main stand was replaced, and that was followed the historic “Curva Azzura” getting transformed in 2002 into the “Curva Como”. The Curva changed from a concrete structure with scaffolding pipe, to a structure made entirely of scaffolding pipe and with a capacity that increased from 3,500 to 5,000 spectators.

como 28-min.jpg como 27-min.jpg como 13-min.jpg como 26-min.jpg como 25-min.jpg como 24-min.jpg como 23-min.jpg como 29-min.jpg como 30-min.jpg como 31-min.jpg como 7-min.jpg como 12-min.jpg

Stadio Giuseppe Sinigaglia was an innovative structure thanks to the velodrome, the ring that was on the edge of the pitch and which had one of the steepest parabolic curves in Europe.

como 17-min.jpg como 2-min.jpg como 6-min.jpg como 11-min.jpg como 8-min.jpg como 9-min.jpg como 10-min.jpg como 45-min.jpg como 22-min.jpg como 21-min.jpg como 19-min.jpg como 20-min.jpg como 8-min.jpg como 5-min.jpg como 3-min.jpg como 43-min.jpg como 44-min.jpg como 42-min.jpg como 41-min.jpg como 39-min.jpg como 37-min.jpg como 36-min.jpg como 35-min.jpg como 33-min.jpg como 34-min.jpg

Photography by Como 1907.

Daniel Jones

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