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Framed #221: Italy v Ecuador

We caught their last game with Venezuela, so we figured why not stick with the Azzurri on their mini States tour for their game against Ecuador, making another instalment in our Framed series.

This International break has thrown up some great kit debuts, and Italy were one of the first with their away kit getting a run out in their game against Venezuela. Now their home kit has had its debut too, featuring in their match against Ecuador, and like the first game, this one also ended up being a win to Italy. Fans of both sides were out in force at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, only a few kilometres from New York, bringing their typical party atmosphere to proceedings both before and during the game.

Coach Luciano Spalletti made 11 changes to the Italy lineup from Thursday’s game, giving more players a chance to prove themselves before the Euro 2024 finals in Germany. An early goal from Pellegrini and a very late finish from Barella following an Italy counter bookended the result, underlining a successful mid-season tour for the Azzurri. Ecuador had a spell in the game where they became a more attacking threat after the hour mark, but the result never really looked in doubt. Italy have two more friendlies in June, against Turkey and Bosnia, before heading to the tournament in Germany.

framed 45-min.jpg framed 54-min.jpg framed 53-min.jpg framed 52-min.jpg framed 51-min.jpg framed 47-min.jpg framed 49-min.jpg framed 46-min.jpg framed 44-min.jpg framed 50-min.jpg
framed 2-min.jpg
framed 1-min.jpg
framed 24-min.jpg
framed 25-min.jpg
framed 22-min.jpg
framed 6-min.jpg
framed 5-min.jpg
framed 42-min.jpg framed 41-min.jpg framed 39-min.jpg framed 38-min.jpg framed 34-min.jpg framed 33-min.jpg
framed 7-min.jpg
framed 8-min.jpg
framed 32-min.jpg framed 29-min.jpg framed 28-min.jpg framed 27-min.jpg framed 23-min.jpg
framed 9-min.jpg
framed 4-min.jpg
framed 21-min.jpg framed 20-min.jpg framed 19-min.jpg framed 18-min.jpg framed 15-min.jpg framed 16-min.jpg framed 14-min.jpg framed 12-min.jpg framed 13-min.jpg framed 11-min.jpg

Photography by Katie Cahalin for SoccerBible.

Daniel Jones

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