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In Focus | Taking In The South Korea v Uruguay Game Day Experience

Offering a glimpse into what an international game day is like in South Korea, creative collective TFFC have documented the recent game between their native nation and visiting South American side, Uruguay, capturing the build up to kick off and the action in the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Football is widely known as the global game, with its draw and appeal reaching all corners. But for most fans, you only have the perspective of what a game day is like on home soil, with possibly the odd trip to the continent thrown in here and there, though more likely than not, these experiences will always be from the perspective of your own side. So what’s a game day like in, say, South Korea, where football culture has really been in bloom over the last five years? What are the customs and rituals, and what's the atmosphere like outside the stadium? Well, conveniently enough, creative collective The First Football Club, or TFFC for short, have given a glimpse into just that, turning focus onto the recent International friendly between South Korea and Uruguay, hosted at The Seoul World Cup Stadium.

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While in the U.K. it’s customary to head down to the pub for a prematch pint, South Korea has its own unique culture, centred around street food vendors (포장마차 : Pocha). Known as a ‘Pocha’, these tent-style restaurants on the street act as a communal place for prematch festivities, selling various Korean dishes and drinks, and they’re in abundance in city centres or on small streets at night. And this is where Korean fans often go when they feel like drinking and eating in a casual atmosphere with friends, particularly on a match day, where numerous Pochas are set up in front of the stadium. And it’s not just a ritual for prematch, with many fans flocking back after the final whistle.

For South Korean fans, the Pochas were perhaps more of a highlight on this occasion, with Uruguay edging the match 2-1, thanks to a late winner from Matias Vecino. Still, a nice little insight into a South Korean game day, something we’d love to experience at some point – one for the bucket list!

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Production: Team First (@team_1st_)

Model: Jaehyun Oh (@5jhyun), Hoyeon Lee (@lihogood), Seokchan Lee (@seokchan216), Taehyeon Kim (@honey_tae), Baekjun Kim (@b8kjun)

Photography: Hyuntae Ahn (@harryphoto_kr)

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