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The Scenes Outside Anfield As Liverpool Become Champions

It’s been a long time coming, and understandably the outpouring of emotion around Anfield was something to behold, as Liverpool were finally crowned champions of England once more, after 30 long years of waiting.

Fans literally turned the night red as Liverpool secured their first league title in 30 years – and their first Premier League title ever – when Chelsea beat Manchester City. Technically under the current circumstances these types of scenes shouldn't have taken place, but this was an outpouring of emotion three decades in the making. Too often over the years they had got so close only to be cruelly robbed by a slip, or pipped to the line by a Manchester club. 

lfc 7-min.jpg

This year though, as Klopp’s men ran away with the league, targeting not only the title but numerous records with it, it looked as though it could be the cruellest twist of fate that would deny them. Jokes in January suggested that the only thing that could stop them winning the Premier League would be Coronavirus. But when football was suspended that joke became a possible reality – the potential for the league being null and voided loomed large. An alternative solution was to follow the Ligue 1 approach in France and hand Liverpool the title without completing the season. But rivals would never let that lie; that asterisk alongside the 2019/20 champions would have always been a point of power held over the Reds.

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Ask almost anybody though, and the general consensus is that, based on their performances this season, Liverpool deserve the title. There are many rival fans that didn’t want them to win it, but few that would argue against the fact that they earned it. And while the perfect scenario would’ve seen them winning the league in front of a packed out Anfield by virtue of a win and a “moment’ akin to that of City and "Agueroooo", nothing about the last five or so months has been perfect, and so Liverpool fans embraced this moment for what it was, and rightly so. Champions of Europe. Champions of the World. And now finally, after 30 years of waiting, champions of England once again.

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Liverpool will lift the Premier League trophy in their last home game of the season, which ironically is against Chelsea. Expect more wild scenes...

Daniel Jones

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