Inter Milan have sailed through pre-season setting standards along the way. Having swept Bayern Munich to the side, Chelsea also felt the wrath of the Italian sword as Inter took them to town with a 2-1 win.

Most notably, this game will be earmarked as well as remembered by a stupendous own goal. 2-1 screams of fine margins between two titanic sides though Chelsea's goal came through Geoffrey Kondogbia and ultimately served as a seamless consolation. The defender lobbing his own keeper from just inside his half under no pressure, it's like your driving instructor taking your test only for you to reverse into the test centre on your way out, kinda.

Still, this was a strong showing from two sides with plenty to offer their respective 2017/18 seasons. Inter played this one their way and dominated proceedings. Chelsea still showed signs of promise and with Morata, Batshuayi and Willian looking to find a groove, this was one more opportunity to help them understand each others games before they hit the various Premier League grounds running.

Naturally, the resilience of the Italian game proved every ounce of worth in this match up and Inter went home with the spoils. An International Champions Cup showdown in Korea that was an exercise in entertainment as much as warming the legs for what is looking to be a tasty season in both the Serie A and Premier League. Big things just a matter of weeks away. Bring on the football, bring on the fiesta and bring on those big games. Thanks to the summer of 2017 for the appetiser, now for the main course...

Photography by Amber Teo for SoccerBible.