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Framed #52 | The Playoffs: Fulham v Reading

Sun kissed and a stone throw from the Thames, as Fulham snuck into the playoffs after a gruelling season, just three two wins would see a Premier League dream re-imagined. Hosting a ruthless Reading in their semi-final first leg, our latest 'Framed' comes from Craven Cottage and has been shot by Charlie Coleman.

There is usually a trend where the playoffs are concerned. The first leg is usually a cagey affair for both sides as the potential prospect of a trip to Wembley and just a matter of minutes separating each side from the top flight, becomes a little too much to take. For this game however, both sides gave as good as they got and ultimately it was the loggerheads of two evenly matched and heavily competitive teams that cancelled each other out. The away side took the lead though as the sun shone, Fulham got that much needed equalizer to dispel and aggregate fears.

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Inside and outside Craven Cottage, the atmosphere is palpable. This remodelled Victorian masterpiece stands out as a truly unique home for football to play out in. Much like a cricket pavilion keeping watch from a quaint corner of the ground, it doesn't stop the nerves. Edgy, stomach knotting and the rollercoaster of football at it's finest.

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Some description

The moments captured pitchside, this picturesque party was played out infront of a full house and with Reading just a short trip West from Fulham, the next leg (tonight) is where the fate of each side shall be decided. If settled in regular time, just 180 minutes stands between one of these sides and life back in that oh so cherished promised land. Take those chances lads. It's a big night.

Photography by Charlie Coleman


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